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Grant: $34 | Neil II: $34 | Eric: $17 | Brent: $34 | Jack: $51 | Kyle: $51 | Sharon: $34 | Chad: $17 | Dale: $17 | Cheeze: $17 | Kevin: $17 | Brian: $17
Week 01 | PDFJack and Grant vie early, then Ray joins the fray, and MNF goes to Grant!Grant
Week 02 | PDFNeil II leads Grant early, and holds the lead going into MNF, and wins!Neil II
Week 03 | PDFEric picks perfect early, Chad ties it, Eric surges late, and keeps it to win! Eric
Week 04 | PDFCheezeman's a whiz; Randy, Brent and Jack shred, but Brent fits the mold!Brent
Week 05 | PDFRandy and Jack lead Brian and Neil II, then Jack beats Randy on low points!Jack
Week 06 | PDFKyle leads early among a motley crew, and takes it easily!Kyle
Week 07 | PDFKevin first leads a weak pack, then Sharon streaks by and wins!Sharon
Week 08 | PDFSharon breaks ahead of Brian, Randy, Kevin, & Jack, and wins again!Sharon
Week 09 | PDFJack leads Brian through Sunday afternoon, and clinches Sunday night!Jack
Week 10 | PDFRay leads a terrible mix, then Jack and Brian lead, and Jack takes points!Jack
Week 11 | PDFBrian, Neil II and Grant trail Kevin, but it's Neil II who stuns the crowd!Neil II
Week 12 | PDF Cheezeman trails Dale and Chad by a tad, but high points gets Chad the win!Chad
Week 13 | PDFGrant leads Dale, Randy, Kevin and Ray, then cruises to victory!Grant
Week 14 | PDF Brent leads Ray, and wins with one pick tied behind his back!Brent
Week 15 | PDF Dale and Randy lead Kyle, but Dale eeks by Randy on points!Dale
Week 16 | PDF The Cheezeman leads Grant, Brent, Randy and Chad, and slices to a win!Cheezeman
Week 17 | PDF Kevin takes the last regular season win over Cheezeman by points!Kevin
College Bowls | PDFKyle leads first to last!Kyle
NFL Playoffs | PDFSharon leads at the start of the playoffs, but Brian picks 'da Bears!Brian
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