Welcome to the 2007 Fisher Football Follies!

The Season Statistics are here!  Click on the links below to see how everyone fared over all of the regular season's games!

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2007 Players: Andrea, Angie, Brent, Brian, Chad, Christin, Chzman, David, Fern, Grant, Jack, Jen, Jim, Julie, Kevin, Kyle, Mark, Neil, Neil II, Randy, RaRa, Ray, Sharon, and Smitty.
Week Comment Winner
Week 01 | PDF Brent and Cheezeman take it to Monday, where Brent sweeps to win! Brent
Week 02 | PDF Cheezeman and Grant lead David, then Grant skins David on MNF points! Grant
Week 03 | PDF Brent, Kevin, Mark & Ray lead, then Brent titans up on Monday Night! Brent
Week 04 | PDF Christin, Grant, Smitty and Jim all vie, but it's Jim over Smitty on MNF points! Jim
Week 05 | PDF Brian, Jim, Kyle, Ray & Smitty battle, with Brian and Jim tying on points! Brian & Jim
Week 06 | PDF Mark leads early, and has the win sewn up by Sunday afternoon! Mark
Week 07 | PDF Grant leads Kevin and Kyle, Kevin steps up, then takes Grant to school! Kevin
Week 08 | PDF RaRa's perfect early, Chad's greater later, Smitty challenges through MNF O/T! Chad
Week 09 | PDF Jen and Chad lead early, then Chad leads Jen late and wins it Sunday night! Chad
Week 10 | PDF Julie trails Andrea, Grant, and Kyle, but Grant seattles the bet on low MNF points! Grant
Week 11 | PDF David, Mark and Ray vie Monday Night, and Mark takes Denver to win! Mark
Week 12 | PDF Randy leads Jen early, but cruises to an afternoon win as SD beats BAL! Randy
Week 13 | PDF David is brilliant early Sunday, Brian threatens, but David hangs by his Pitts! David
Week 14 | PDF Mark is perfect on Sunday's games, and locks a win by the afternoon! Mark
Week 15 | PDF Christin, Jen & Sharon lead, then Chad beats Neil on low MNF points! Chad
Week 16 | PDF Kevin and Sharon battle throughout Sunday, and Sharon takes it on MNF points! Sharon
Week 17 | PDF Andrea, Brent and Julie lead early, then Neil II leads Christin and Smitty on points! Neil II
College Bowls | PDF David, Kevin lead Brent, Smitty, then Kevin leads, but Smitty can tie and does! Kevin & Smitty
NFL Playoffs | PDF Cheezeman leads, Angie catches up, then Brent, but SD doesn't cut the Cheese! Cheeseman
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