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2008 Winners: Brent $48, Brian $72, Darrin $48, Derek $36, Jim $24, Kevin $24, Marty $24, Neil $36, Neil II $24, Randy $24, Ray $48, Sharon $24, Smitty $48
Week Comment Winner
Week 01 | PDF Derek, Jack, Kevin and Neil II come out swinging, but Neil II gets the first K.O.! Neil II
Week 02 | PDF Hurricane Ike delays results - Derek and Neil tie on MNF points! Derek & Neil
Week 03 | PDF Kevin, Ray & Smitty lead, then Kevin is ravin' when he wins! Kevin
Week 04 | PDF Derek leads early, then Neil ties him over Brent, Darrin, and Jen, but Derek points to a win! Derek
Week 05 | PDF A very tight race in week 5, won by Brent, picking a Sunday night upset! Brent
Week 06 | PDF Randy leads at first, then Derek leads Grant, Neil II & Ray, 4 tie, then Ray takes MNF points! Ray
Week 07 | PDF David and Sharon lead the pack; Sharon gets on top late Sunday, and wins Monday night! Sharon
Week 08 | PDF Brent and Smitty tie early, then Smitty edges ahead of Brent later, then wins on Monday night! Smitty
Week 09 | PDF Brian leads John and Smitty going into Monday night, and wins without his Skins! Brian
Week 10 | PDF Brent, David, Fern, Jen and Smitty are tops until Brent edges out Fern and Smitty Sunday night! Brent
Week 11 | PDF Brent and Neil lead Cheezeman and Marty, the 'boys Barber cuts two and Marty wins on points! Marty
Week 12 | PDF Randy leads five others going into Monday night and wins it all! Randy
Week 13 | PDF Brian & Jen lead David, Marty & Ray but Brian gets high points for the win! Brian
Week 14 | PDF Smitty leads Brian and Jen and clinches it Monday night! Smitty
Week 15 | PDF Brian, Ray and Smitty go for points on Monday night, which Brian grabs on a low blow! Brian
Week 16 | PDF Jim wins late Sunday on a day of upsets! Jim
Week 17 | PDF Ray takes Week 17! Ray
College Bowls | PDF Darrin leads, then Grant ties, then Brent, Darrin and Randy lead, then Jen and Randy, but Darrin wins! Darrin
NFL Playoffs | PDF Darrin, Kevin, Neil, and Neil II lead, but Neil soars with the Eagles! Neil
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