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2009 Players: Angie, Brent, Brian, Chad, Cheezeman, Christin, Derek, Fern, Grant, Jack,
Jim, John, Julie, Keith, Kevin, Kyle, Mario, Mark, Neil, Neil II, Randy and Sharon
Week Comment Winner
Week 01 | PDF Christin and Mark knock everyone else out early, then Christin sends Mark packing. Christin
Week 02 | PDF Jim leads Brian, Chad, Christin, Fern, John and Kyle early, but Brian loves a Dallas loss! Brian
Week 03 | PDF Jack, Mark and Kyle lead, then just Kyle and Mark, but it's not in the cards for Mark! Kyle
Week 04 | PDF It's Sharon vs. Fern, John, Kevin, Mario, and Randy; with Kevin on top of high MNF points! Kevin
Week 05 | PDF Jack and Neil II call some upsets to lead Derek, Fern and Randy until Derek picks Miami and points! Derek
Week 06 | PDF Jim breaks out early, but Mark catches up, Derek and Fern pass, and Derek clinches again on points! Derek
Week 07 | PDF Cheezeman, Fern, Jack, Jim, Kevin, Mario, and Randy are all 6-0, but Kevin outlasts 'em all! Kevin
Week 08 | PDF Fern and Jim break out early and take it to MNF points where Fern wins for being high! Fern
Week 09 | PDF Cheezeman and Sharon split Week 9, both picking the Steelers and 44 points on MNF! Chzman & Sharon
Week 10 | PDF Angie, John, and Mario are all tied up until Angie beats Mario on ultra-low MNF points! Angie
Week 11 | PDF Chad and Mario beat Christin and Kyle on MNF points! Chad & Mario
Week 12 | PDF Brent & Keith lead at first, but Fern & Kyle 'leans past Randy & Mario to nail MNF points! Fern & Kyle
Week 13 | PDF Brian & Grant lead Mark going into Monday night, when Brian sends them packing! Brian
Week 14 | PDF Kyle and Neil lead early and keep all at Bay, all the way through to MNF points! Kyle
Week 15 | PDF Brent, Chad, and Randy lead Mark going into MNF, where Randy wins on giant points! Randy
Week 16 | PDF Derek and Grant were on top of Sharon until Derek's high score bears fruit! Derek
Week 17 | PDF Kevin "Cin"-ches by pulling a Scully on Jack, winning on low NY Jets points! Kevin
College Bowls | PDF Angie, Fern, Randy, Brian, Jim, Neil and Derek all vie until Angie takes Derek on high BCS points! Angie
NFL Playoffs | PDF John leads throughout the playoffs.  Neil challenges but knows 'saint gonna happen! John
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