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Who's in: Andrea, Angie, Brent, Brian, Chad, Chzman, Eric, Fern, Grant, Greg, Jack, Jim, John, Josh, Keith, Kevin, Kyle, Mario, Mark, Neil, Neil II, Randy, Ray, Sharon, and Trish!
Week Comment Winner
Week 01 | PDF John catches up to Brent Sunday night, but Brent holds on by points! Brent
Week 02 | PDF Eric leads Neil II late Sunday, ties it, then both nail NFL points! Eric & Neil II
Week 03 | PDF Jimmy leads early, and sews up the win late Sunday afternoon! Jimmy
Week 04 | PDF Brent and Chad lead throughout Sunday, until MNF points chooses Brent!.. Brent
Week 05 | PDF Andrea, Jack and Trish look to MNF where Jack gets the lion's share! Jack
Week 06 | PDF Greg takes his first win over Neil II and Sharon on low MNF points! Greg
Week 07 | PDF Brent, Jack, Kevin, Kyle, Neil II and Randy lead until Kevin & Kyle tie on MNF points! Kevin & Kyle
Week 08 | PDF Brent, Greg, and Trish beat Andrea, Cheeseman, and Josh on MNF points! Brent, Greg, & Trish
Week 09 | PDF Brian, Jim, John, & Mark catch Kevin, then B-Day Brian beats John on MNF points! Brian
Week 10 | PDF Chad leads early, but Brent turns on the jets to catch up and pass! Brent
Week 11 | PDF Jimmy wins on the Eagles' giant upset! Jimmy
Week 12 | PDF Greg Jimmy, Keith, and Kevin try, but Neil II and Randy vie, & Neil II goes high for the win!. Neil II
Week 13 | PDF Cheeseman whips the competition late Sunday! Cheeseman
Week 14 | PDF Brent edges out Brian, Mark, Neil, Ray, and Trish on MNF points! Brent
Week 15 | PDF Fern battles Sharon and John on Monday night, but John scores on low MNF points! John
Week 16 | PDF Kevin gets a Christmas present! Kevin
Week 17 | PDF Happy New Year! Brian and Mario tie it up in the final week of the regular season! Brian & Mario
College Bowls | PDF Chad, Fern, & Grant lead until Grant surges, Keith ties, Trish challenges, but Grant wins! Grant
NFL Playoffs | PDF Angie and Chad lead Fern and Kevin, but Angie wins on low Super Bowl points! Angie
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