2012 Fisher Football Follies

The Rules

  1. Relax! This is really just a lot of fun.
  2. The number of players is limited to 24, so the first 24 paid entries are the ones who are in for the season. 
    If we don't get 24 players, the deadline for the last entry is the deadline for Week 3 (Tuesday, September 18).

  3. Twenty dollars is all you need to play. 
    Make the check out to
    Brian K. Fisher
    , and mail it to
    3606 Summer Hill Dr.
    Sugar Land, TX 77479-3045.

    I won't bug you to pay; but if you miss the deadline and don't warn me, you'll drop out.

  4. Each week, pick which team will win each game, and predict the total points for Monday Night Football (MNF).
    Pick who will make each round of the NFL playoffs, and the total points for the Super Bowl.
    Pick who will win each of the NCAA Division 1A bowl games and the total points for the BCS Title Game.

  5. The one who picks the most winners for the week wins the pot for the week.
    In case of a tie, the one who picks closest to the actual total score (sum of both teams') for MNF wins the pot.
    For the NFL Playoffs, the total Super Bowl points is the tie-breaker.
    For the College Bowls, the total BCS Title Game points is the tie-breaker.
    In case of a tie on any total points, the pot is split evenly among those who tied.

  6. The pot is as follows (paid all at once, of course)
    17 Regular season weeks = $1 per player per week
    1 Playoff / Super Bowl set = $1 per player
    1 College Bowl set = $2 per player (ooh!)

  7. Picks must be submitted by e-mail.  You can write them out yourself, or use the handy-dandy web page I've constructed here. No faxes or phone-ins are allowed. You may revise and resubmit your picks as many times as you like. Your last pick submitted before the deadline will be the one that counts.
  8. The deadline for submitting picks is Midnight (Central Time) one day before the weeks' first game. E.g., for weeks where the first game is on Sunday, the deadline is midnight Friday night; for weeks with Thursday games, the deadline is midnight Tuesday night.
    The deadline for submitting your College Bowl picks is also midnight one day before the first game.
    The deadline for submitting your NFL Playoff picks is the same as for Week 1, i.e., before the first game of the season is played (yikes!)

  9. If you miss the deadline, I may accept your picks if I haven't posted the others' yet, but don't count on it.
    If you miss the week, you miss your chance to win, and no, you don't get your dollar back.

  10. If you know you're going to be away from your e-mail or the web for any given week(s), send your picks in advance. You could pick the whole season today if you wanted too! Given the talent we had last season, even if you just choose all the home teams, you could still win the week's pot!
  11. I send the season's winnings out within a week or two after the Super Bowl [ed: insert Force Majeure clause here.]
  12. If you regularly pick Dallas to win, you automatically waive all right to defense against such abuse as is warranted.

"Good Luck - NOT!"